Disconnected Flow Park Workshop W/ Nick Minton In Tampa, Fl!!

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Disconnected Flow Park Workshop W/ Nick Minton In Tampa, Fl!!
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Disconnected Flow Park Workshop W/ Nick Minton In Tampa, Fl!! says
Suggested Donation of $15-35 to help cover gas, food, and other typical expenses for my quest of teaching across the country! <---- (This is to encourage attendance. Any support from you is still support and helps me get farther in my journey, so if you can't afford in the range then donate what you can or bring a gift or JUST COME WITH A SMILE! I want to share knowledge and help people learn quicker than they might have alone. So please come out and meet new faces and learn awesome things!) This workshop will be somewhat casual, as parks tend to create that atmosphere, and its more fun and intereactive. I will ALSO be setting up my SLACKLINE! If people want to bring other props as well, or friends who spin other props, please do!! Those people may still want to learn some hoop, or they can still take some of the framework and concepts of my teachings and apply them to other props.

**Promotional Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBQREqDPTc8**

**I will be holding these workshops around FL in February/March:

- Brandon @ Fred Astaire Dance Studio - Sun, Feb 14th 1-4pm
- Tampa @ TBA - Mon, February 15th 4-7pm
- Sarasota @ Arlington Aquatic Center - Sun, Feb 20st 1-4pm
- Ft Meyers @ Centennial Park - Sat, Feb 21th 2-5pm
- Miami - Details coming soon
- Ft. Lauderdale - Details coming soon
- Daytona - Details coming soon
- Gainesville - Details coming soon
- Jacksonville - @ TBA - Sat, Feb 6th 3-6pm https://www.facebook.com/events/676724559097237/
- Tallahassee - Details coming soon
BIOGRAPHY - I started my tour in the sunny state of Florida, and am currently on track to teach hoop dance in ALL 50 STATES, and I am currently on #33!! Hooping for 3+ years, I try to bring concepts together to create unique blends and styles of flow.

This workshop will focus on the idea of letting go of the hoop, while still having intention and control of the hoop as it is free to also do it's own thing. We will discuss the concept of "flow" together and ways to feel more natural with the idea of it and how to "create" your own flow, as well as how to apply the concept of flow to everyday life to lead to "optimal experience" and happiness.

We will explore several genres of tricks: Walk-The-Dog, Tosses, and Contact Body Rolls will be the primary focus and if time allows, we will work a bit on Escalators, Wedgies, Helicopters, Coin Spins/Folding, (or anything else people are interested in learning that involves "disconnected flow") with many variations and ways to transition from them.

*Bonus - We will also talk about recovery moves and how to incorporate them into different scenarios of "unplanned" drops. This can "wow" your audience and immediately take their attention off the "mistake" and potentially make it look like you meant to do it.
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