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Light Therapy Workshop
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Light Therapy Workshop says
Color Light Therapy is easy to apply, accessible and very effective.

As we experience weather changes and microorganisms mutating at a faster rate, we need to be prepared with a strong immune system and natural ways to detox our body creating health. One way to do it, is through Color Light Therapy.

Our body has a Light Matrix that we can access through the use of different color frequencies, and remind the body to balance & repair. This workshop will include a brief power point introduction of Light as a healing tool, how it was used in ancient times and how it is used today.

The workshop presenter, Maria Antonieta Riveros-Revello, will demonstrate the use of Color Light Therapy for common issues, such as pain, diarrhea, cold, and fever. Participants will be able to experience the subtle energy of Light. It is recommended to take a class by someone who is a certified Light Therapist and that has experience.

Maria Antonieta Riveros-Revello, left the corporate world 30 years ago when she discovered the world of bioenergetics. Her main interests are healthy living, natural and non-invasive forms of healing, such as Reiki, Light, and Qigong, that balances our vibrational field bringing health. She is also a supporter of organic food and organic gardening, because it is a valuable complement for vibrant health.

Riveros-Revello is certified with the European Light Institute and is member of the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT) & the International Light Association (ILA)

This workshop is free and open to the public.

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“Matter is frozen light” -Albert Einstein
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By: Sweetwater Organic Community Farm

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