Progressive Flow Sessions

Progressive Flow Sessions
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Progressive Flow Sessions says
Yoga is about freedom, disunion from our attachments that
bind us to a particular ideal and ultimately unveiling our true
selves. Progressive Flow allows the space to express your-self
freely within a disciplined practice. The therapeutic process of
cleansing & discovering ourselves is like wiping the slate clean
and ultimately about choice. You can choose to survive in your
practice or thrive in it. These sessions are inspired by Ashtanga
& Rocket Vinyasa and will gradually introduce techniques to
strengthen your body & mind laying the foundation to progress.

Come explore all or choose – 1/$25 or 4/$90


Redefine the Sun Salution A & B, Standing Postures
& moving with your Breath.


Discover how to apply appropriate effort in order
to find grace in strengthening arm balances and
transitions like chaturanga and crow.

4.25.15 BACKBENDS & INVERSIONS 1:30-3:30PM

Discover how to apply appropriate surrender to
build self trust when traveling into the unknown.

4.26.15 THE FULL FLO W 1:30-3:30PM

Explore and observe the techniques in your body
while being guided through a playful and creative
mix of postures from traditional ashtanga vinyasa.
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By: evolation yoga - Tampa Bay