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Re: Acts   2 Dystopian One Act Plays
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Jan 21st at 8PM & Jan 22nd at 3PM & 7PM – 2 short plays - Warren Leight’s, “Union Square Incident” and Owen Robertson’s, “It Happened Then.”

“Union Square Incident” presents a Kafkaesque scenario, in which people engaged in a peaceful protest march or were merely standing on the sidelines are brought into a central pen by men not in uniforms, but in suits, and are held without charges. Events are enveloped in an ominous vagueness, a sense that this may be a time in which the apparatus of a police state is being assembled. “No one is violating anyone’s rights,” the guard insists at one point. “So I’m free to leave?” one of the detainees asks. “Just as soon as everything is cleared up,” the guard replies, without explaining what “everything” is.
“It Happened Then”: The canvass of human history is stained with moments in our past we would all like to forget, to ignore. Avoiding these painful memories, these historical facts, can only lead to repeating the same mistakes. It Happened Then explores what if the USA did repeat some of the mistakes of human history after all, It Happened Then, it can happen again.
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By: Silver Meteor Gallery