Tampa Theatre Rewind Series: Repo Man

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Tampa Theatre Rewind Series: Repo Man
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Tampa Theatre Rewind Series: Repo Man says
REWIND – A Different Kind of Movie Series

Everybody has at least one REWIND movie in them. The movie you always watch when it’s on TV. The movie you finish, rewind, and start right over. It isn’t a movie you know you “should” like. It isn’t a movie that is “important.” You know your REWIND movie is good, even if nobody else does.

Intended as an “occasional series,” REWIND will announce a few films at a time as the Theatre’s calendar permits.

I put it to you that Repo Man is a coming-of-age story in which the main character makes almost no decisions. Otto’s (Emilio Estevez at his youthful peak) life is a series of comic-horrific things that happen to him, inflicted on him by a supporting cast of (brilliant) cartoonish dopes. From Bud, his repo man mentor, to his dazed, burnout parents; from his ridiculous punk lunatic friends to the freaky scientist in the glowing Malibu—it’s a ludicrous tableau of what not to become. But growing up happens to you whether you want it to or not… ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

People were saying punk was dead almost a decade before Repo Man came out, but LA was still eating its young. Punk’s a slippery thing. It laughs at itself (there’s a Circle Jerks performance in this movie that’s… suprising), it laughs at you, and then it squirms away to become something new. But you know it when you see it. Repo Man was made fast and on the cheap; it’s risky and brave and hilarious; it takes a punch, and it gives a double middle fingers to the world that created it.
Hop in, go for a spin. Say yes. See what happens. The life of a repo man is always intense.

1h 32m/Rated R/Sci-Fi Crime
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By: Tampa Theatre