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The 13 best sex and dating podcasts

From navigating Tinder to pondering the future of romance, these are the best sex and dating podcasts out there

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

Modern sex, dating and romance can feel, at times, like exceptionally tricky business. Each new technological development and social shift lays a new tripwire, making it even harder to keep up with what’s going on. How on earth are you supposed to keep track of it all?

There is a simple way: start listening to one of these excellent sex and dating podcasts. There are literally hundreds of podcasters out there revealing all their worldly romance tips. There are so many sex and dating podcasts out there, in fact, that it’s hard to know what’s worth a listen. Which ones are trustworthy? Which are fresh? Which are interesting? And are some better than others when it comes to representing the experiences of LBGTQ+ communities and BIPOC?

Sex and dating podcasts can be as tricky as the world of romance itself – but we’re here to help. Check out some of the best podcasts about lurve, lust and everything in-between.

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Best sex and dating podcasts, ranked

Modern Love started out as (and remains to this day) a love, dating and relationships column in the New York Times, but since 2019 it’s been a podcast too. And despite a recent hiatus and change of host, it remains one of the best relationship ‘casts out there. Host Anna Martin has freshened up the format but continues the pod’s penchant for tender insights and beautiful storytelling.

Following four queer Black feminists in NYC as they navigate the complexities of sex, love and dating in the modern world, Inner Hoe Uprising is as much its own community as it is a podcast. The quartet dive into critical analyses of race, gender, sexuality and more through an unpretentious, explanatory lens. IHU is also full of endearing personalities; rarely is such educational content so effortlessly relatable and hysterically funny.


A podcast that focuses less on personal pleasure and more on those that have taken advantage of it, The Orgasm Cult tells the story of One Taste, a wellness company that pedestalled the self-care value of orgasms for the empowered modern woman. Documenting the company’s descent into a ‘cult’ amid allegations of prostitution and sex trafficking, The Orgasm Cult is a fascinating tale with insights into the relationships between the wellness industry and women’s sexual wellbeing. A must-listen.

Heartbreak doctor Trina Leckie isn’t here to sugar-coat your toxic break-up. On her ’24 hour break-up hotline’, Leckie is a compassionate, funny, downright inspirational host, and while she doesn’t mince her words, she’s managed to pick people up out of some pretty deep emotional holes. And if the more general podcast topics aren’t helping you and you’re still stuck in a heartbreak rut, you can even schedule a personal call with Leckie herself.


Dyking Out is an informative, inclusive space for lesbian and LGBTQIA communities. But, hosted by New York City-based comedians Carolyn Bergier & Melody Kamali, it’s also an exceptionally positive, relentlessly funny way to spend 90 minutes (or so) every week. The duo advises on ways to come out, gossip about queer pop culture, and lead discussions on sex and dating, helping to unmuddle the world with consistently top-drawer content.

Just as disabilities range enormously, so do the experiences of people that live with them. Disability After Dark is here to shed light on as many disabled people’s stories as possible, focusing on the bits that we don’t often hear about; the bits that are, as the title suggests, ‘in the dark’. Host Andrew Gurza dives deep into what it’s like to live with a disability, ranging from coping with chronic pain and championing social equality to navigating sex, sexuality and relationships. An enlightening, demystifying listen.


The premise of 51 First Dates is simple. Kimmy Foskett goes on 51 first dates, which she then discusses with co-host Liza Renzulli in podcast form for all to hear. What could go wrong? Filled with fabulously awkward personal stories and experiences, 51 First Dates is superbly entertaining and terrifically informative. By analysing Foskett’s testimonies, the duo (and often a guest) help examine how both she and others date, talking about everything from communication and hook-ups to body image and couples counselling.

The process of decolonisation involves every area of society, including sexual and reproductive health. Decolonising Contraception’s The Sex Agenda podcast strives to correct the massive inequalities suffered by Black people and people of colour in sex education, utilising the expertise of sex educators, doctors, campaigners, journalists and researchers to do so. With episodes full of guests willing to tackle stigma and expose myths head-on, The Sex Agenda is always challenging and will broaden your mind. 


While its title might sound somewhat kink-shaming, Why Are People Into That? is a remarkably non-judgmental examination of sexual fetishes. From vampires and cannibals to Nazis and enemas, it is amazing what can turn people on. You’ll always come away from WAPIT knowing something new (and, often, something pretty weird), but you won’t necessarily feel judged or icky. And WAPIT doesn’t always focus on kink – host Tina Horn also spends plenty of time having valuable conversations about gender, love and much more.

When dealing with people calling in about sex, you’ve got to be as positive and approachable as possible. Dr Emily Morse is both of those things, and she’s constructive and educational, too. In one of the most popular (and longest-running) sex poddys out there, Dr Morse – an actual doctor of human sexuality – mixes tales of her own sex life with reader submissions. Insisting that she can improve anyone’s sex life in a minute or less, her aim is to have direct, unflinching chats about everything from oral sex to E.D.


Fresh from the end of its second season, Bad in Bed is a ‘cast by sex educators and journalists Bobby Box and Gabrielle Kassel that pays proper attention to queer sex ed. Talking through all the stuff that people should know but often don’t, the duo is fun, charming, open and vulnerable. With the help of a weekly guest, Box and Kassel turn their attention to dissecting dating apps, toys, sex parties, sexual astrology and much, much more.

As it says on the tin, here’s your one-stop shop for contemplating the nature of sex in the not-too-distant future. And no, Future of Sex isn’t all about dystopian robots and disturbing metaverse stuff. Exploring the growing sex tech industry, host Bryony Cole delves into sex (obviously), cutting-edge tech, and even the very nature of what it means to be human. Cole, a former tech careerist herself, is a well-researched and inquisitive host as she covers topics like sex dolls, cannabis and sex, and sex in space.


U Up? defines itself as the ‘definitive modern dating podcast’ and, well, it is definitely up there. From interpreting Tinder exchanges to sharing strange sexual encounters, millennials Jordana Abraham and Jared Freid are here to jokingly reassure listeners that it’s not just you: modern dating is stressful, intense, and often downright weird. With its candid assessments and frequent analysis of hot topics, U Up? captures a lot of the chaos of modern romance.


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