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True crime podcasts
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8 totally gripping true-crime podcasts you haven’t heard yet

Dig way deeper than ‘Serial’ with our round-up of 2020’s best true-crime podcasts

By Time Out editors

True-crime podcasts have exploded in recent years, largely thanks to the success of smash-hit whodunnit ‘Serial’. Occasionally gruesome and always edge-of-the-seat enthralling, the best true-crime podcasts trace murder mysteries, cold cases, scams and miscarriages of justice through twist after twist. In fact, the true-crime podcast genre at its best can be so compelling that it’s easy to burn through a whole series… leaving you hungry for some fresh intrigue.

That’s exactly why we’ve rounded up some of the most gripping murderous and mysterious tales to listen to next. These eight chilling true-crime podcasts – including brand new 2020 podcasts – will leave you shaken, stirred and desperate to know what happens next. We know, because we’re already hooked. Plug in those headphones and get gripped.

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The 8 best true-crime podcasts in 2020

True crime podcasts: The Shrink Next Door
Image: Bloomberg/Wondery

The Shrink Next Door

Not all crimes involve a severed head in a forest: some are subtler, more insidious. ‘The Shrink Next Door’, one of the most shocking – and funniest – stories of manipulation you’ll ever hear, is the second kind. It’s about a New York psychiatrist who takes his relationship with one patient way, way too far. It’s full of swanky country pads and amazing New York Jewish accents, and it will leave you saying ‘oy vey’ like you really mean it. Eddy Frankel

Listen here

Best true crime podcasts: In the Dark
Image: APM Reports

In the Dark

This podcast puts the US justice system in the dock. The first season asks why it took authorities 27 years to solve the abduction of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling. Season two examines why a Black man, Curtis Flowers, was tried six times for the same crime. ‘In the Dark’s hallmarks are rigorous investigative journalism and epic suspense. Not only is it addictive, it’ll fire you up. Alexandra Sims

Listen here

True crime podcasts: West Cork
Image: Audible

West Cork

In 1996, French TV producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier was found murdered outside her holiday home near the Irish town of Schull. Documentary-maker Jennifer Ford and investigative journalist Sam Bungey take a humane look at the impact this crime had on a community, how it changed the area – a weather-beaten idyll – and how an incredible narrative developed around it. Ellie Walker-Arnott

Listen here

Best true crime podcasts: Scam Goddess
Image: Earwolf

Scam Goddess

Actor and comedian Laci Mosley presides over a true-crime podcast that revels unashamedly in the most twisted, tenacious and cunning hustles on record and analyses them as works of art. Part-con investigation, part-comic riff-along, ‘Scam Goddess’ drags enjoyably-monikered scammers like ‘the Deutschland Duper’ and ‘the Hoodwinking Hipster’ into the light. Mosley and a guest will chew over these devious schemes with a forensic eye and the odd entertaining tangent. As someone who was scammed during lockdown, it feels a lot like therapy. Join me in Mosley’s con-gregation. Phil de Semlyen

Listen here

True crime podcasts: The Missing Cryptoqueen
Image: BBC

The Missing Cryptoqueen

I’m conflicted about true crime. Love the drama, less keen on the gory details of people being murdered. That’s why I’m very into an offshoot of the true-crime genre: podcasts about scammers – all the drama, none of the murder. ‘The Missing Cryptoqueen’ digs into the story of Dr Ruja Ignatova, founder of a Bitcoin-style cryptocurrency, who scammed millions of people into pouring their money into her cult-like ‘financial revolution’ and then disappeared. Inject it into my veins! Isabelle Aron

Listen here

Best true crime podcasts: Chameleon – Hollywood Con Queen
Image: Campside

Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

Luring in Hollywood hopefuls with fictional job offers – and in some cases, entire fictional movies – the con artist at the heart of this magnificently byzantine tale could easily be a movie villain (and maybe one day will be). The pair behind this podcast, Josh Dean and Vanessa Grigoriadis, tenaciously pursue the truth behind the BS across the planet. If you’ve followed the news recently, you may know where it all ends up, but don’t let that stop you downloading. The journey there is utterly gripping. Phil de Semlyen

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Best true crime podcasts: Who the Hell is Hamish?
Image: The Australian

Who the Hell is Hamish?

This Aussie true-crime podcast tells the story of surfer dude, serial conman, catfisher and high-class low-life Hamish McLaren and the woman who eventually took him down, Sydney fashion designer Lisa Ho. It’s got all the ingredients for a juicy listen: complex scams, cold hard cash, hot-blooded revenge and a Scooby-Doo ending that sees the villain unmasked on the front page of national newspapers. After years of twists, justice is finally served – and you’ll want to be there when it is. Phil de Semlyen

Listen here

Best true crime podcasts: Drunk Women Solving Crime
Image: Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Miss Marple. Jessica Fletcher. Jane Tennison. Some of the sharpest sleuths in the pop-cultural canon have been women. Also, as this anarchic podcast proves, some of the funniest ones. Its half-cut hosts, Hannah, Catie and Taylor, rummage around the finer details of some criminal case like they’ve just stormed in from the pub. Which they probably have. It’s the perfect antidote to all those po-faced true-crime podcasts out there. Phil de Semlyen

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