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The best online jigsaw puzzles you can play right now

Every piece will fall into place (hopefully) when you get stuck into the best online jigsaw puzzles available right now

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Howard Halle

After a thorough Netflix binge of the latest documentaries and competitions, followed by a throwback marathon of the best 90’s shows, and a healthy serving of digital events from virtual events to tours to a HIIT class, it might be nice to do something that dually stimulates and soothes the mind. Enter: the jigsaw puzzle. A classic time killer, they’ve seemingly reached peak popularity as we’ve spent more time indoors and social distancing—who would have thought stores would be sold out on a continual basis? 

Whether it’s piecing together a clowder of fuzzy kittens; an abstract work of art; or—for true self masochists—a solid colored spread, jigsaw puzzles are a great way to practice mindfulness and also come with a host of brainy benefits like improved cognition, visual-spatial reasoning, short-term memory, problem-solving, creativity, and productivity. Work on piecing together your puzzle of choice alone, or make it a bonding activity. Here are the best online jigsaw puzzles you can play right now—best of all, you can’t lose any of the pieces.

Best online jigsaw puzzles

Start as a beginner and become a master in this app that offers 20,000 HD photos-turned-puzzles. Here a broad range of difficulty levels isn’t enough, you can jump into rotation mode to step up your game, moving pieces in groups; or partake in weekly tournaments to compete with friends. Puzzles come in a number of visual offerings like paintings, portraits, animals, and landscapes; each is previewed while working. Select some tunes with the jukebox feature, and let the fun begin.

With over 200 million puzzles played, this app is a gamer’s favorite. Rottz Games offers jigsaw puzzles based on 2,400 photos and 35 themes, with a difficulty ranging from beginner (nine pieces) to expert (1,300 pieces). Select from their range of scenes including mountain and castle landscapes, cats, dogs, and even Halloween themes. Or, if none fit your fancy, you can create custom puzzles by uploading images of your own.


You’ve got your choice of more than 10,000 puzzles to play, with new games added every day. Choose from their vivid array of free puzzles or upload your own image for a more personal play. Backgrounds and tile sizes can be altered to adjust the difficulty. Puzzle pieces can also be sorted on the field or in the tray; and if you find yourself having to step away, you can save your progress to return to later.

You’ll find more than 13,000 puzzles on this app, which uses HD quality photos with scores of themes, and range anywhere from nine to 400 pieces. Select from a plethora of categories including animals, flowers, landmarks, art, and more, as well as different difficulty levels and features like rotation mode to make it a bit more challenging, mystery puzzles, as well as the option to receive hints if you’re stumped. With a daily updated gallery, there will always be a new puzzle at your fingertips.


The Washington Post offers a new puzzle to play every day with three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and expert. Some of the latest puzzles include a sandy scene of a volleyball, a cat cozied up on a blanket, and landmark structures from around the world including the Colosseum in Rome and the Sydney Opera House. Get a little competitive and view others’ top scores from today, this week, and this month.

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