Fujifilm Square: Showa Children

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FUJIFILM SQUARE 昭和のこども どんな時にも笑顔があった!
『笑う子』 土門拳 東京 江東 昭和28年(1953)

2016 marks 90 years since the start of the Showa period (1926-1989), an era that saw Japan go through almost 15 years of destructive war before re-emerging as an economic superpower in the postwar decades. With this exhibit, the Fujifilm showroom inside Tokyo Midtown shines the spotlight on the often hardship-filled life of Showa-era children through shots by some of Japan's most celebrated photographers, including Ihei Kimura, Ken Domon, Hiroshi Hamaya and Tadahiko Hayashi, taken over a 40-year stretch from 1936 to 1976. Head over for a look at how kids always seem to find something to smile about, even under conditions of war, abject poverty and social strife.

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