Nobuyoshi Araki: Sentimental Journey 1971-2017

Art, Photography
『センチメンタルな旅』1971年 より 東京都写真美術館蔵
『わが愛・陽子』 1968-1970年 より
『冬の旅』1989-1990年 より

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One of boss photographer Nobuyoshi Araki's most powerful works, the 1971 'Sentimental Journey' series is part sexual fantasy, part autobiography, shot over five days during the Arakis' honeymoon. Instantly hailed as a masterpiece, its success was what convinced Nobuyoshi to focus completely on photography – a decision we're all grateful for. 'Sentimental Journey' is also the title of this mega-retrospective, composed of around 1,000 shots, practically all of them depicting, inspired by or bringing to mind Araki's late wife, Yoko. With this summer seeing a total of four large-scale Araki shows in the capital, Japan's most divisive photographer has never been more topical. Explore his most private thoughts and outlook on life and death here, and then head over to the Opera City Art Gallery for more recent images.



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