Onward to Edo Castle

Onwards to Edo Castle
'Dismounting at the Kikyomon Gate of Daimyo Attending the Edo Castle on January First' (from the Chiyoda no On-omote series)
Onwards to Edo Castle
Model of the Matsunoroka (Pine Tree Hallway), in the gallery

Every autumn, the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library in Hiroo's Arisugawa Park celebrates Tokyo Heritage Week by holding exhibitions related to the many historical materials in its collection. This year's show is focused on the history of Edo Castle – more specifically, the many ceremonies and events held in the Honmaru (the main section of the castle). These are depicted through design drawings, colourful ukiyo-e prints and other historical documents; a total of around 40 pieces. Meanwhile, the secondary exhibition space hosts a display themed on the Chushingura, the famous story of vengeance by the 47 ronin: see a partial reproduction of the matsunoroka (Pine Tree Hallway) in Edo Castle, which is known as the place where the legendary chain of events began, plus 12 ukiyo-e illustrating the Chushingura story and reproduced panels of a huge drawing that depicts the Honmaru.

Descriptions are provided in English and Japanese.


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