Oscar Niemeyer: The Man Who Built Brasilia

Art, Architecture
Contemporary Art Museum, Niteroi, Photo: Leonardo Finotti
Mentouri University, Constantine, Photo: Leonardo Finotti
Metropolitan Cathedral, Brasilia, Photo: Leonardo Finotti

Brazilian modernist revolutionary Oscar Niemeyer's extraordinary career gets a thorough treatment at the MOT's most ambitious architecture exhibit in a while. One of the first comprehensive retrospectives dedicated to Niemeyer after his 2012 death at the age of 104, 'The Man Who Built Brasilia' obviously centres on the wildly ambitious capital-construction project undertaken by the Brazilian government in the 1950s, detailing how Niemeyer took over from his mentor Lúcio Costa and essentially designed an entire city in the middle of nowhere. Overcoming bitter criticism, the futuristic Brasilia has come to be re-evaluated in recent years and praised as a visionary model of sustainable city planning, although many detractors still aren't convinced. Learn all about this project and Niemeyer's many other works at the exhibit, which is held as part of the celebrations for 120 years of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Japan.

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