Turn Fes 2021

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Tokyo Tokyo Festival
Photo: Yuji ItoTurn Fes 3 (2017)
Tokyo Tokyo Festival
Photo: Hajime KatoTurn Fes 5 (2019)
Tokyo Tokyo Festival
Photo: Hajime KatoTurn Fes 5 (2019)

Time Out says

Turn is an art project that’s all about encouraging interactions between artists and people from diverse backgrounds with different customs, physical abilities, living situations, gender, age or nationality. The project is part of the Tokyo Tokyo Festival and was established in 2015.

The project includes a number of initiatives, such as the free Turn Fes 2021, which itself includes the Turn Fes 6, the Turn Fes 6 Online Programme and the Turn Chakai.

The Turn Fes 6 takes place between August 17 and 19 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, where you can enjoy exhibitions of works created by artists and organisations who participated in the Turn project. There are also videos on accessibility and diversity.

The Turn Fes 6 Online Programme is available from July 19 until September 5 and is a great way to participate from anywhere in the world. There are remote workshops, plus photos and videos about Turn’s activities.

Turn Chakai, on the other hand, takes place between July 23 and August 9 at The National Art Center, Tokyo. This event questions the world and people through art. Chakai can be translated as ‘tea party’ and there are 12 bamboo tearooms set up in the event hall. Instead of enjoying a cuppa, you will have the chance to hop from one tearoom to the next and meet 11 different artists conducting workshops in each room. In the central tearoom, there is a live-stream video of a discussion between Turn supervisor Katsuhiko Hibino, faculty members of the Tokyo University of the Arts, and academics from international art colleges. 



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