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Fill up on organic veg and rice crackers for lunch

Matsuzaki Senbei | Time Out Tokyo

In business since 1804, Matsuzaki Senbei is one of Tokyo's most venerable senbei (rice cracker) purveyors. Their main store in Ginza obviously still caters to all your cracker-related needs, but the Matsuzakis are now also taking a step into the café business: recently opened along the charmingly old-school Shoinjinja-dori shopping arcade deep in Setagaya, their senbei restaurant and tea house serves both savoury and sweet delights. When visiting in the daytime, don't miss out on their organic lunch plate: curated by cooking expert Haruyo Inagaki, this colourful mixture is available to only 15 eager eaters every day and comes replete with fresh goodness that's sure to fill you up – and maybe even boost your following on Instagram.

At the shop, don’t forget about the Shamido Kawara Senbei, their most popular item. This traditional sweet cracker can be ordered for dessert or as an afternoon snack accompanied by coffee – a bizarre combo, you might think, but even the vice president of Matsuzaki Senbei swears by it. Maybe that's got something to do with the joe, too – the beans used for this hand drip highlight come courtesy of Hayama-based speciality dealers The Five Beans.

Located in an area popular with families, the shop is very kid-friendly – think spacious bathrooms, and slopes for strollers instead of stairs. You can even bring your young 'uns to take part in a Kawara Senbei painting workshop – and reward them with some green tea kakigori afterwards.

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