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Head south to explore Yokohama with our latest guide


We're proud and thankful that our ultimate guide to Japan’s Number Two city, 50 things to do in Yokohama, has enjoyed great popularity ever since it first hit shelves two years ago. We thought it was time to give our baby an update and a cool new cover, now featuring the city’s iconic sailing ship Nippon Maru. Pick up your copy of the new version right away and start exploring a city almost as stylish as Tokyo, packed with attractions that'll inject some fun into your day of sightseeing.

Once again teaming up with the City of Yokohama’s Culture and Tourism Bureau and its Tourism Promotion Division, we’ve added new delights to the guide including the shopping mall Marine & Walk, a café that's home to reptiles and a restaurant in Chinatown specialising in authentic Chinese porridge, all while updating the most popular spots from the previous edition. The new guide also features places where you can enjoy an essentially Japanese experience in Yokohama, which is located a mere 30 minutes away from both central Tokyo and Haneda Airport.

While of course available in Yokohama itself, the guide can also be picked up for free at distribution points across Tokyo, from the Shibuya Station Tourist Information Centre to bars, shops and major hotels, as well as at our very own Time Out Café & Diner in Ebisu. Alternatively, you can order the map directly from our Map Store (subject to availability).


Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise's roller coaster stretches out over the sea




You can explore the city clad in a kimono or a hakama




Chinatown's popular kawaii treat, the Panda crepe





The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu's suite room offers a panoramic ocean view