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Japan's first roti shack is open now in Kagurazaka

gootara cafe

When Ai Sasaki visited Thailand 13 years ago and tried roti, an Indian flatbread made from wholemeal flour, it was love at first bite. Though the South Asian delicacy is usually paired with curry, roti has also become popular in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore as a street food served fried and sweetened, sort of like a local version of crepes. Now you can try this wonder bread with the condiment of your liking, savoury or sweet, at Gootara Café, Sasaki's new roti specialist joint in Kagurazaka. Unlike the junkier Thai variety, Gootara's roti is fried in coconut oil and topped with cane sugar instead of the refined white variety – so it's less prone to contribute to your love handles.

Though we found everything on their menu mouthwatering, our top recommendation has to be the Kagurazaka Roti (¥650), served with homemade red bean paste, roasted soybean powder, matcha and black honey topped with vanilla ice cream. And if you're looking for something more substantial, try the savoury Roti Mataba (¥600), coupled with homemade dry curry packed with veg and spices. You'll no doubt root around for some more roti. 

See the full details for Gootara Café here.