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Looking for things to do in North Korea? Time Out Seoul's got you covered

North Korea
© Jaka Parker

If you're planning a trip to North Korea, you should probably stop – it's undoubtedly among the most dangerous places in the world for non-North Koreans and North Koreans alike. For those still feeling adventurous (for lack of a better word), our friends over at Time Out Seoul have created a beefy guide to the land of totalitarian nightmares, including plenty of interesting facts and figures. Did you know that it's the year 104 in North Korea? Or that the state claims it has created a hangover-free alcoholic drink that cures AIDS, among other things?

While we're inclined to think curiosity will not only kill the cat but possibly you too in this case, the guide comes complete with transport information on reaching the DMZ ('demilitarised zone' – now there's a misnomer for the ages) and beyond. Alternatively, you can explore North Korean cuisine in Seoul, kept alive by defectors and descendants of Koreans from the North. These expats will surely have a word or two to tell you about visiting the place.

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