May the force bring you your beer

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Time Out Tokyo Editors

The whole world seems to be eagerly anticipating the new Star Wars movie, set to hit cinemas from December 18, and with that comes a lot of merchandise products. One of these is household appliance maker Aqua’s newest creation: a life-size R2-D2… fridge. Yes, your very own R2-D2 will be as useful to you as it was to Princess Leia et al, by bringing you your six-pack of chilled beer if you really can’t be asked to walk to the fridge. Price tag? A whopping ¥1,077,840. At least all of them are made to order, and come with their own serial number so you can always claim ‘your’ R2-D2.

The walking fridge is 95cm tall, weighs at least 50kg, can hold up to six cans of 350ml and apparently has a running time of two hours. Best of all, it comes with a remote control, so you can literally make it walk to you. Extra features include a projector, so you can even screen movies with your fridge through a Miramax device. Pre-orders are being taken from now, and the expected shipping date is mid-December (shipping is only within Japan). Move over Pepper, the R2-D2 fridge is your new best friend at home.

If you’re not willing to shell out over a million yen for a walking fridge, you can also settle for the Darth Vader beer cooler, sold for a paltry ¥42,984. The Force does not come cheap. In the meantime, check out the R2-D2 Fridge 'trailer' – truly futuristic.

– By Kirsty Bouwers

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