Meiji's new range of bean-to-bar chocolate is a hit

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Time Out Tokyo Editors

Meiji The Chocolate – a low-cost, high-quality chocolate bar – is one of 2017’s hit products. Why? Because it's revolutionary to be able to buy a bean-to-bar chocolate at this price: around ¥300 (or about USD3). Plus, you can easily get it at a convenience store, making this food trend that was once limited to food connoisseurs (and hipsters) now readily accessible to the masses.

These chocolate bars are made with uncompromising quality in every aspect of their production, from the ingredient sourcing to the manufacturing and the packaging design (which is wildly popular, by the way). On top of that, its melt-in-your-mouth creaminess and elegant aroma are equal to those of the high-end variety.

The chocolate bars range from the milky and fruity Framboise with 44 percent cacao (sourced from Brazil's Tomé-Acu region), to the slightly tart Elegant Bitter that's comprised of 70 percent cacao. In fact, you can learn more about each variety's taste profile plus the cacao beans' origins on Meiji The Chocolate's website. There's even a dark chocolate and matcha blend that's made with Venezuelan cacao beans. Oh, do watch out for the 70 percent cacao Comfort Bitter that's due to be released in November 2017.

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