Performers Fuerza Bruta come to Tokyo with their Nippon-themed WA! show

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If you're looking for a bit of summer spectacle, you'll be happy to know that Fuerza Bruta, the high-energy performance group that has seen a decade-plus run just off Broadway, is coming to Japan in August with the Wa! Wonder Japan Experience.

The group was born in Buenos Aires in 2002, where they adopted the name of Fuerza Bruta ('brute force') – since then, they've gone on to perform in over 30 countries around the world, wowing audiences in Japan back in 2014 with their all-standing, 'stageless' performances. 

This time round, they've taken inspiration from our island nation for both the title and content of the show. WA! invokes Japanese-ness (wafu, wamono) alongside the element of surprise, and Shinagawa's Stellar Hall is getting an upgrade just to be able to accommodate Fuerza Bruta's special performance style.

The ground floor will be standing room only, with the stage practically extending into the audience, while the second-floor stalls will have some seats where you'll be able to savour champagne and the like for an extra touch of fancy. 

The highlight is how the performers actually use the space. They quite literally are everywhere, including in places you might not expect. Be sure to look up, as they'll be floating around in a shallow pool, casting ripples and shadows across the hall.

With the second-floor seats being specially installed for this occasion, it seems that you might be able to catch the action from above as well. Top that off with wire-action performances – ninja and samurai floating around the room as if gravity had never been discovered – and you've got yourself a real handful of a show. 

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