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Rapper Shing02 challenges dancing ban with energetic short film

Bustin’ | Time Out Tokyo

Originally posted April 17 2014

The infamous Japanese ‘dancing ban‘ continues to make headlines, with clubs in major cities periodically getting shut down by the police for violating the fueiho or Law on Control and Improvement of Amusement Business. On the other hand, efforts to overturn or revise the law continue apace. Shing02, one of Japan’s most accomplished rappers, moves the conversation in a humorous direction with Bustin’, his newly released short film in which a team of Tokyo’s finest discover the universal appeal of busting funky moves.

Filmed by Yuichiro Senda and directed and written by Shing02 himself, Bustin’ is all about reminding us of how important dancing is as an emotional outlet. Shing02 stresses that although the movement for more sensible dancing regulations, backed up by a diverse group of artists, dancers, club owners, lawyers and politicians serves an important purpose, it’s also critical to remember that improving the lot of club and dance culture in Japan requires changing popular attitudes through positive messaging. His energetic 22-minute film is certainly a step in that direction – see it for yourself here.