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Sip sake and shochu for Kumamoto

Sake for Kumamoto | Time Out Tokyo

Rescue and aid efforts are continuing in earthquake-hit Kumamoto, where tens of thousands of people are still living in temporary shelters. Last week, we outlined how to help those affected through donations – often the most efficient way to do your bit, as the local authorities reportedly have more than enough volunteers on site. Now, another admirable channel of support has emerged among Tokyo restaurants and watering holes specialising in eats and drinks from the Kyushu region: as reported by lifestyle mag Crea, more than a dozen city bars, izakayas and eateries have started booze-fuelled donation schemes that see the businesses part with a portion of their earnings in order to assist the recovery effort.

The concept is simple: the more patrons at participating joints consume Kumamoto- and Kyushu-made wares – mainly nihonshu and shochu, both famed specialities of the region – the more these boozers will donate to earthquake relief. Getting drunk for a good cause – sounds like something we can get behind.

Here's a full list of businesses taking part in the donation drive (visit Crea's website for address and contact details in Japanese): Juban Ukyo, Kakyo (both Azabu-Juban), Kasumicho San Maru Ichi no Ichi (Nishi-Azabu), Chiaki (Tsukiji), Renshan (Shirokane), Noyashichi (Arakicho, Shinjuku), Sonoyama (Ebisu), Itamae Bar, Sushi Saisho (both Ginza), Kappo Funyu (Honjo, Sumida), Vineria Hirano (Sendagaya), Kanogawa (Ogawamachi), Sushi Shun (Okachimachi).