Spend an artsy night at Sanagi, the new Shinjuku hotspot beneath the highway

By Mari Hiratsuka

Sanagi Shinjuku, a new food hub and event space tucked in beneath the elevated Koshu-kaido highway next to Shinjuku Station, was opened with great fanfare on December 9. We checked out the kick-off party, which saw up-and-coming artists Licaxxx, Tentenko, Deadkebab & Psychic$ and company light up the night while the assembled crowd mingled in the colourful surrounds. 

At Sanagi, you'll find a food court area with four different stalls, as well as a gallery and a partially open-air event space. The food court, with its Asian night market vibe, is home to Gai Yaang, a satay and rotisserie specialist with great Thai-style roast chicken; Tenshin Noodle, where you can try some mala (spicy) noodles or steamed sushi in a basket; Tokyo Calling, with its oden and self-proclaimed 'R 'n R' sushi; and Ryokuo Shokujinshu, where the veggie-centric menu is paired with glorious sake. 

Set to hold a variety of events from here on, including gigs to exhibitions focused on up-and-coming artists, Sanagi has a small stage and DJ booth in front of the food court, so you can catch a show while digging into the moreish street grub on offer. On December 16, they'll be hosting Hirotaka Umetani's Albino Sound project and Daigo Sakuragi of D.A.N., who'll be taking charge of the record-spinning for the evening.

If you're looking for a dose of fresh alternative culture in Shinjuku – accompanied by excellent and reasonably priced edibles – Sanagi just might become your new hangout. 

See full details for Sanagi Shinjuku here

Tenshin Noodle's Mala Noodles

Tokyo Oden

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