Traditional Japanese paper fan gets a makeover with rattan and washi

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Time Out Tokyo Editors

These Japanese paper fans are made from rattan and traditional Japanese paper (washi). A modern take on the traditional Japanese craft, the fan is a beautiful outcome of the 'Tokyo Teshigoto' project, which is a collaborative effort between traditional craftspeople and spirited designers.

Photo: oodesign

Kiuchi Tozai Kogyo, a longstanding Tokyo company, manufactures the fan, while Taku Omura of oodesign was the brilliant mind behind the design. Built with only three pieces in fluid lines, the clean structure is minimalist in design, which makes the fan exceptionally lightweight and very light-permeable. Its suppleness and flexibility means it gives off a gentle breeze. The fan, which comes in three designs, retails for around ¥5000 (about USD45).

We are such a huge fan (no puns intended) that we nominated it for the Love Tokyo Awards 2017. Read more about the other Best Product nominees here.

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