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Watch glimpses of city life and discover hidden gems – Play Tokyo is here

Shibuya 109 | Time Out Tokyo

Those planning to visit or move to Tokyo in the near future have no trouble finding information on what awaits – the internet is full of more or less accurate accounts, glowing tributes and horror stories about this great city of ours. What can be a little more difficult to locate is hands-on guides on the basics of Tokyo life – especially if you’d like something in video form. That’s where Play Tokyo comes in: a project featuring new and exciting ways to enjoy Tokyo, it helps you unearth the city's hidden gems and look into the daily lives of its residents with quick clips that invite you to make the most of your time here.

The newly launched site is run by a team of videographers, who’ll provide glimpses into topics as diverse as vending machines, disaster training, mochi pounding and owl cafés. The first batch of 11 videos also contains an intro to ‘Siberian’ bean paste cakes, a calligraphy performance, a visit to a macrobiotic café and – yes – a ‘how to eat’ guide focused on convenience store natto. 

Look out for around ten new clips to be added to the site every month – we’re hoping for an in-depth investigation of pet fashion or chu-hi flavours in the next batch.

Check out the Play Tokyo site here.



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