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8 best machiya hotels and guest houses in Kyoto

Skip your usual accommodation and stay at one of these atmospheric traditional townhouses instead

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Kyoto’s well-preserved historical architecture is what makes it such a rewarding city to visit. Take a stroll in any neighbourhood and you’re bound to pass by many Kyo-machiya or traditional townhouses. Prevalent during the Meiji era (1868-1912), these traditional homes encapsulate Kyoto’s unique atmosphere and charm. They are also easy to identify as machiya have specific details such as earthen walls, tiled roofs, wooden lattice work and sliding doors. 

Today, many Kyo-machiya have been restored and renovated into businesses such as restaurants, stores, guest houses and boutique hotels. Staying overnight at a machiya is a quintessential Kyoto experience. Unlike a regular hotel, machiya are smaller, making it a more intimate experience. So bookmark this list of machiya-turned-hotels for your next Kyoto trip. 

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For affordable luxury, Candeo Hotel Kyoto Karasuma Rokkaku is your best bet. The hotel is built around the 125-year-old former Ban family residence, an authentic machiya that's a designated  cultural property. The entire machiya has been beautifully restored and refurbished, including the house’s original features such as tatami mat rooms and stone courtyard. The family's former kimono shop, which was attached to the residence, is now the hotel lobby and lounge. While the hotel rooms are not part of the original structure, they’ve been designed to fit in seamlessly with the machiya.
Rooms from ¥8,400 per person per night.

The Machiya Shinsen-en is a remodelled townhouse near Kyoto’s famedl Nijo Castle. The hotel has 21 rooms across two wings, with eight different room designs. The Machiya Wing features rooms inside a revamped Kyo-machiya fitted with wooden design details, a tsuboniwa garden, tatami mat floors and futon bedding. The Tei-en Wing, on the other hand, is an adjoining building with Western-style rooms inspired by Japanese design.
Rooms from ¥10,800 per night for two people.


Tucked away in Kyoto’s lively downtown area, The Machiya Kazahaya is a renovated traditional townhouse with six stylish rooms. At two of the rooms you’ll find a fully equipped kitchen plus a washer and dryer, ideal for big groups or those looking to stay longer. Regardless of size, each room is tastefully decorated with contemporary furniture and art including traditional indigo-dyed sayagata textiles. Original features from the building such as the wooden beams are still showcased throughout the machiya.
Rooms from ¥14,046 per night for two people.

This gorgeous Nazuna Kyoto Gosho in central Kyoto is made up of two Kyo-machiya. Just a ten-minute walk from the Kyoto Imperial Palace and Nijo Castle, this ryokan is perfectly placed as a base to explore Kyoto’s main attractions. There are seven rooms themed after different wagashi, or traditional Japanese sweets, plus a serene Japanese garden shielded away from the city’s hustle and bustle. To top it all off, your stay comes with Japanese breakfast and complimentary beverages in the evening.
Rooms from ¥40,000 per night for two people.


Located just minutes from Kyoto's famous Nishiki Market, Hiramatsu Kyoto’s late 19th-century Kyo-machiya was restored by architect Nakamura Sotoji Komuten, who specialises in sukiya tea house designs. It’s now home to 29 rooms and a beautiful bamboo courtyard. The hotel retains the historical townhouse’s original features such as exterior lattice windows and earthen walls. It's worth staying here just for the food as the hotel has two exquisite restaurants: Izumi, specialising in traditional kappo-style cuisine, and La Luce offering modern Italian.
Rooms from ¥55,800 per night for two people.

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Set inside a restored 100-year-old townhouse, this boutique accommodation has just three suites. Each of them features sophisticated interiors whilst preserving classic Japanese design elements. You’ll find gorgeous details in all the rooms including textured Japanese paper by craftsman Hatano Wataru, Shigaraki tableware, and beautiful sashiko stitched pillows. One of the suites even has a bathtub overlooking Toyokuni Shrine. Maana Kiyomizu shares the townhouse with two other businesses: café Kissa Kishin and shop POJ Studio.
Rooms from ¥40,000 per night for two people.

Guest houses

The cosy Oki's Inn guest house is situated in Kyoto’s bustling Higashiyama district. The machiya was built in the Taisho era (1912-1926) and still retains its quaint and retro feel. Run by the lovely and welcoming Oki family, the guest house offers three rooms: one with a private balcony, one with an alcove, and another with a small Japanese garden. As it's a guest house, there are some communal spaces including the tatami-lined living room and the fully-equipped kitchen.
Rooms from ¥10,000 per night for two people.

Another lovely accommodation is Guest House Waraku-an located just minutes from Kyoto's Heian Shrine. Waraku-an takes over a 110-year-old traditional machiya complete with a Japanese garden and communal salon for lounging. Rooms are reasonably priced and you can book a private room or a bed in the shared dormitory (there are separate rooms for men and women). For an authentic Japanese experience, the rooms feature tatami mat floors and comfortable futon bedding. 
Private rooms from ¥6,600 for two people, a spot in the shared dormitory costs ¥2,500 per person

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