Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

NOTE: Promoters Creativeman announced on May 27 that Lana Del Rey's debut Tokyo gig the following day had been cancelled. Having cited 'unprecedented international demand' when her show here in March got pulled, the singer has pleaded exhaustion this time around. Third time lucky, perhaps?

Internet hype/hate magnet Lana Del Rey was originally supposed to make her Tokyo debut back in March, only to cancel the show 'due to unprecedented international demand' – which seemed to us like code for 'you suckers can wait a bit longer, right?' And wait they did: seduced by the sounds of Del Rey's debut, Born to Die, Tokyoites eagerly snapped up all the tickets for this show when it was announced last month. If we're lucky, maybe the singer has used that extra couple of months to improve on her widely lambasted live show.

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