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’90s kids rejoice, a Sailor Moon-themed restaurant is opening in Tokyo

Sailor Moon

She’s busy being a high school student by day and a magical villain-fighting warrior by night, but in the hours in between you can catch Usagi and friends at the new Sailor Moon restaurant set to open on August 15.

The ‘Sailor Moon’ anime premiered in 1992 and the mahō shojō (magical girl) series took the world by storm. While countless other anime of the genre have been released since – different variations of female squads wielding magic powers and leading double lives – none have come close to being quite as iconic as the soldiers from ‘Sailor Moon’ with their naval inspired uniforms and enchanted brooches. 

At the restaurant in the evening, you’ll get to see the squad perform in their famous attire during the dinner shows. There will be three shows a day from 5pm, 7.30pm and 10pm, with S seat tickets costing ¥8,500 and A seat tickets ¥7,500. The price includes a meal item and a drink, but it’s quite a steep price to pay to watch your childhood heroines for only 40 minutes. Still, the restaurant’s food selection looks pretty adorable. A strawberry flavored smoothie is embellished with Usagi’s red bow while a star-themed bento box might just be the thing to recharge your feminine powers for ¥3,500 at lunchtime. 


Themed cafes are mostly found in the otaku hub of Akihabara, but the Sailor Moon restaurant will be based in upmarket residential district of Azabu-juban, where both Usagi and Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi resided for a number of years. While it’s a relatively quiet neighbourhood, hold your horses before you make a beeline there. You’ll need to book online in advance to nab a seat and select a designated time slot first. 

For more information, see the official website. And check out more character cafés and restaurants in Tokyo.