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Coca-Cola Japan to release Japan-exclusive Apple Coke

Apple Coke - cropped

Japan is full of limited-edition releases that are not available anywhere else in the world. While the plethora of only-in-Japan Kit Kat flavours come to mind, the chocolate is just one of the many food and beverage brands that are constantly creating new flavours for the domestic market. Coca-Cola Japan is set to follow suit with the world’s first apple-flavoured Coke – again, only available here and just in time for autumn.

Apple is one of the quintessential autumn flavours, as harvesting happens around these cooler months. Plus, it’s also reminiscent of festive season treats like apple pie. The new Apple Coke comes in a gold-coloured label for that rich autumnal look, and will be available nationwide starting Monday September 16.

This is not Coca-Cola Japan’s first country-exclusive flavour. Last year, it introduced the world’s first Peach Coke and it was a hit. In the later part of 2017, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee saw a limited release in Japan. This caffeine booster, however, is now available across the country.