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Discover the best things to eat and do along the Odakyu line with our new map

odakyu map

A new member has recently joined our popular map-family, introducing '77 things to do in Tokyo along the Odakyu Lines'. The Odakyu Line departs from Shinjuku Station for Kanagawa prefecture's Hakone area, well known for its many hot spring resorts.

Our new map takes you on a journey to a variety of restaurants, shops and sightseeing spots between Tokyo’s Shinjuku and Seijogakuen-mae Stations, within the vicinity of Enoshima, as well as in the Odawara/Hakone area — all curated to help you make the most of your trip. Get your copy at Shinjuku’s Mylord shopping mall, or the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center located at Shinjuku and Odawara Stations.

Besides popular tourist spots such as the Gotokuji temple, Enoshima Aquarium and Hakone Yuryo hot spring resort (perfect for a day trip!), the map also reveals many hidden spots even unknown to locals. Sip on coffee or hot chocolate at Cafe Ryusenkei, a cool camping trailer pulled around by an electric car, or sample Fujimaru’s popular rice bowl topped with six types of seasonal seafood for only ¥500.


Cafe Ryusenkei, which can usually be found near Hakone’s Sounzan Station.





Fujimaru’s ‘kaisendon’ rice bowl, topped with six types of seafood. Get it for only ¥500 every Wednesday.


Since Enoshima and Hakone are popular travel destinations among local Japanese as well, use our map to travel off the beaten path. The map cover shows Gotokuji temple’s huge army of 'maneki neko,' Japan’s famous beckoning cat. These cats are meant to bring good luck, so don’t forget to pick one up while strolling around the temple grounds.   

Get the map now at these places:
Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center (Shinjuku / Odawara)
Shinjuku Mylord
Tourist information centres along the Odakyu Lines
Hotels in the vicinity of Shinjuku Station



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