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Expect to hear classical music in selected Tokyo Metro’s Hibiya line trains starting January 29

Tokyo Metro - Hibiya line

Think Tokyo trains are too quiet (barring the announcements)? Come Monday January 29, Tokyo Metro will be playing classical music in selected trains on the Hibiya line, which runs between Naka-Meguro and Kita-Senju. However, this is just a trial for the moment, with the background music being played in the newer 13000 series trains that feature high quality stereo system.

According to The Japan Times, the playlist is curated to help promote a sense of relaxation amongst the passengers. Tunes include ‘Clair de Lune’ by Claude Debussy, as well as relaxation music conducted by composer Mitsuhiro. 

Apparently this is a Japan first: Tokyo Metro will be the first railway company to play music in their trains. It was reported that the idea started when a train conductor accidentally played some classical music during a regular train service, which received positive feedback on social media. There is no end date for this experiment – however, the train company will continue to monitor the overall reaction and feedback from passengers.