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Final Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic ticket lottery for Japan residents opens November 13

Olympic rings and statue of Pierre de Coubertin near the new national stadium in Tokyo
Photo: Joel Papalini/Dreamstime Olympic rings and statue of Pierre de Coubertin near the new national stadium in Tokyo

The second and final lottery for residents in Japan to purchase tickets to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will start on Wednesday November 13 through Tuesday November 26 at 11.59pm. For this round, only one million tickets are available, compared to three million in the previous lottery. After this, the next opportunity for tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis in 2020 (actual date TBC). The Japan Times reports that 3.57 million tickets have already been sold – so better get your paws on them now. 

You’ll be able to select 18 tickets for your first choice and 18 tickets for your second choice. The maximum number for purchased tickets is 18 if you’re lucky, of course. If you participated and won in the first lottery, you’re still eligible to participate in this round; however, your already purchased tickets will add to the cumulative total in the second lottery. Sounds confusing? There are a lot of nitty-gritty details that are explained on the graph below and on the official Tokyo 2020 website


Tickets are available for all events except triathlon, equestrian eventing cross country and marathon swimming due to undetermined schedules, as well as marathon and race walking in light of their controversial relocation to Sapporo. You can enter the lottery for all other events including the Opening and Closing ceremonies and boxing; the latter was unavailable in the first-round lottery. Overseas residents, however, will have to purchase tickets through an Authorised Ticket Reseller (ATR).

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