Five beach houses near Tokyo that you must visit this summer

These summer hangouts in Kanagawa offer delicious meals and cocktails, beach barbecues, co-working spaces and more

Youka Nagase

Living in Tokyo, we're lucky to have access to many beaches just outside the city, and there’s no better way to spend a summer weekend than basking in the sun. And in Japan, the best way to hit the beach in style is at an umi no ie (beach house). These often temporary surfside hangouts are a convenient part of the summer season,providing all the essentials you need to enjoy a day on the beach. 

You can get delicious meals and cocktails, as well as rent your own lounge chairs and parasols to upgrade your experience. Some beach houses are even equipped with wifi and provide a co-working space for anyone who’d rather work by the water.

Here are our top five picks of the best beach houses near Tokyo this summer.

Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky has been around for 14 years and is still one of the most popular beach houses with locals, who revel in its lavish, resort-inspired offerings. Anyone can just rock up to the bar and dining space, which offers a range of pizzas (¥1,000) and side dishes like tomato and shirasu (whitebait) salad (¥600), chinese noodles with fried mackerel (¥1,000) and garlic shrimp (¥1,200). A barbecue set is usually available from around ¥3,000 per person, but reservations have been suspended for the time being. 

For those looking for an active beach outing, book a 75-minute beach yoga session at 8am on weekends (or 9am on Tuesdays). 

When: until September 5
Where: Zushi Beach, 2 Shinjuku, Zushi, Kanagawa

Seaside Living Zushi

This relaxing beach house in Zushi has a swanky bar attached, serving refreshing cocktails all day long. Seaside Living’s menu is produced by Cafe and Dining Sakae, which prides itselves on using local produce collected from Zushi and surrounding areas. 

The cuban sandwich (from ¥800) with smoked chicken and cheese is the most popular menu item to just grab and go, but the Hawaiian inspired dishes like the loco moco (¥1,200) and spam avocado bowl (¥1,000) are not to be missed. If you’re here with a group of friends, it’s worth booking a barbecue set (from ¥2,500), which comes with beef, pork and chicken, plus a salad and plenty of veggies to cook on the grill. 

When: until September 5
Where: Zushi Beach, 2-10-18 Shinjuku, Zushi, Kanagawa

Green Flash
Photo: Green Flash

Green Flash

Want to take your beach experience to the next level? Green Flash says its CBD-infused treats will help you chill out while you bathe in the sun. The beach house is stocked with a range of products from CBD Store Harvest, which can be added to any of the food and drinks, including the bean, shrimp and pork tacos (¥500), smoothies and desserts. The private showers (available for an extra fee) are also equipped with CBD shampoo and skin care items that you can try out while you’re here.

For groups of four or more, the barbecue set plan (¥5,000) is worth booking, as it includes a two-hour all-you-can-drink deal. However, if you want to add any CBD to your food or drink, you’ll have to buy it separately.

When: until September 3
Where: Katase Nishihama Beach, 2-20-8 Katasekaigan, Fujisawa, Kanagawa

Casa Corona
Photo: Corona Extra

Casa Corona

While its name sounds rather unfortunate given the current circumstances, Casa Corona offers a cosy lounge at Morito Coast Beach in Hayama. The bar area is open to all, but it also has a dedicated co-working space (¥2,000 per day) equipped with all the essentials – wifi, power outlets and refillable coffee and tea. Just remember to book in advance on the official website. Of course, the menu here features an array of Corona beer-based cocktails, and staple Japanese beachside meals like seafood yakisoba, taco rice and nachos.

When: until August 31
Where: Morito Coast, Hayamacho, Miura, Kanagawa

Photo: Akiya Beach Club

Akiya Beach Club

Plan a perfect day out at this luxury spot with a free-flow sparkling wine plan (¥7,000 per person) which comes with a range of finger foods, or a bonfire plan (¥10,000) that includes dutch oven meals, marshmallows and apples you can roast in the fire while gazing at the ocean. 

Akiya Beach Club has recently been renovated and its rooftop offers a superb view of Mt Fuji on clear days. The menu includes pizza (¥1,500) and sandwiches (¥1,500) plus more Japanese meals like a shirasu (whitebait) rice bowl (¥1,500) and katsu curry (¥1,500), which are all available for takeaway.

When: until late August
Where: Akiya Coast, 2-6-12 Akiya, Yokosuka, Kanagawa

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