Five eats and drinks you should try at Higashi-Mukojima Coffee-ten

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Mayumi Koyama

Out of the thousands of cafés dotting our metropolis like stars in the sky, the one that rose above the pack at our Love Tokyo Awards 2017 was Higashi-Mukojima Coffee-ten out in eastern Tokyo. 

Over at our Love Tokyo Awards winners page, we've already highlighted how much effort and dedication this small, decidedly local café puts into its food and drink, service and community-oriented activities. So now it's your turn to try their menu; start with these five items, which are ever-popular and come recommended by the staff.

1. No-bake cheesecake (¥430)
A staple that's been popular since the café's opening, this soft cheesecake is served like a scoop of ice cream with one of three homemade jam options: blueberry, raspberry and a seasonal one (or two, in some cases). All three go well with the fluffy and rich cheese snowman, so you might be tempted to try all of them at once – an urge we couldn't resist. The cake is now also available for takeout (¥590). 

2. ‘Blend’ Coffee (¥450)
As soon as you open the door, you'll be welcomed by a crisp coffee aroma. Praised as 'first-class' by one of our friends over at Time Out London, the regular cup of 'blend coffee' is a must-try. You can always choose from two types of beans: Mer for bitter and Plage for mild.

3. Iced coffee and café au lait (¥550)
Higashi-Mukojima Coffee-ten's iced coffee is prepared with an impressive-looking apparatus acquired exclusively for water drip purposes; it takes 13 hours to extract the day's batch, drop by drop. The iced coffee lets you savour the pure flavour of the beans, and it also makes for a nice match with milk.

4. Egg sandwich (¥530)
The egg sandwich is a classic kissaten (traditional Japanese coffeeshop) favourite, and Higashi-Mukojima's version doesn't disappoint. From the mayonnaise to the mustard, all of its ingredients are made especially for this sandwich. The whipped mayonnaise makes the mashed egg fluffy, while the red wine vinegar dressing for the side salad has become so popular that it's now available in bottled form (¥680).

5. Baked cheesecake (¥480)
Yes, there's a baked version too. Although it looks a little dainty, this flour-free number boasts a very rich flavour and a firm texture. All desserts at the café are made to match both coffee and tea, as owner Yasutaka Inaba goes to great lengths to make sure that all of his customers feel at home.

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