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'Friends' café opens in Tokyo for just one week


One of the most iconic and popular sitcoms of all time, 'Friends' is coming to Tokyo in the form of a pop-up café. For one short week (September 18-24), you can grab your real friends and head to the Loft store in Ginza where you can sit on that iconic coffeehouse sofa and snap a picture to commemorate the sitcom’s 25th anniversary (yes, it really has been that long).

Two menu items will be available, including a triple-scoop gelato cup (¥627) coloured with the same shades of red, blue and yellow as the ‘Friends’ logo. There is also a muffin set (¥1,080) that comes with a mug of café au lait. Monica and Chandler once fought over who got the last banana nut muffin at Central Perk, which ended with Chandler licking the muffin to claim it. The one at this café is blueberry cream cheese flavoured, but hopefully you won’t have to compete with anyone to eat it. 

Feel like revisiting the episodes back to back? Loft will be selling the 25th anniversary box set with every season of the show on 21 Blu-ray discs. ¥25,000 is a hefty price to pay when all 10 seasons on the show are available on Netflix (for now), but the set does come with Japan-limited memorabilia including an autographed script from the first episode, a photo frame and a card set. You’ll also get an original print of the six cast members taking their final bow after wrapping the last episode of the series. 

Better hurry, the café will only be open until September 24.