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Get yourself a luxury wagyu bento – for almost ¥300,000

wagyu bento

Nearly ¥300,000 for a bento, anyone? That's a whopping USD2,600 (more or less). Yes, that really is the eye-watering price of this very fancy wagyu bento. If you're wondering if you're getting your money's worth, know this: the bento is filled with the cow, the whole cow and nothing but the cow, with different cuts of very premium Japanese beef. 4.5kg of it, to be exact. And a bento wouldn't be a bento without some rice – 1.8kg of it, in this case.

Of course, all of this is some rather top-quality stuff, with the underlying premise of promoting Tottori prefecture. The beef is from Tottori-reared cattle, recently named as Japan's best beef by the Wagyu Registry Association, while the rice is Tottori-grown too, as is the wasabi stem and the pear used in the dipping sauce that comes with it.

If you're not that up to date on which part of a cow a particular chunk of meat is from, this bento is just the ticket too. Each cut has its designated place inside the wooden contraption (40cm long, 60cm wide, 11cm high), to sort-of correspond with a meat layout of a cow. (You really have no excuse to confuse your chuck tender with your ribeye after this). It even comes with some extra compartments for your complimentary dipping sauce, salt and limes.

You might question why the thing exists in the first place, but then again, why not. It can all be yours for a cool ¥292,929 including tax, and will be on sale until December 29 through Gochikuru. Carnivores, get set, rejoice (and splurge) this holiday season. But if beef is not your thing, can we interest you in some fried chicken for the festive season