Lawson x Godiva
Photo: Kaila Imada

Godiva created a chocolate beef curry bun just for Lawson

Chocolate and beef curry? This bun is just one of the new specials you’ll find at Lawson convenience stores in Japan
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Kaila Imada

Japan sure has a knack for bread. You can sample some of the country’s most unique pastries at these top Tokyo bakeries. Or you could just pop into your nearby convenience store, where specialities like the matcha strawberry sandwich are released seasonally.

Godiva’s latest creation, a chocolate beef curry bun available exclusively at Lawson, might just make you do a double take. The peculiar combo is a twist on the classic curry pan which we all know and love. For this version, the minced beef curry is accented with chocolate to create a richer flavour. Chocolate is also incorporated into the bread; here, cocoa is used to give the bun its dark colour and fragrant aroma. Heating up the bun for a few seconds in the microwave can help release the chocolatey flavours even more. 

Lawson x Godiva
Photo: Kaila Imada

Found only at Lawson, Godiva’s chocolate curry pan (¥280) is just one of the several cocoa creations you’ll find on the shelves. This collab with the Belgian brand also features a chocolate bread accented with dried cranberries and chocolate cream (¥210), a chocolate eclair (¥350), and a chocolate and vanilla cake (¥480).

The Godiva x Lawson Bakery specials are currently available across Japan (except Okinawa).

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