How many people does it take to finish Grand Hyatt Tokyo's giant 4kg burger?

Written by
Mayumi Koyama

Diet can wait, because right now, we just want to sink our teeth into a meaty burger – and we have our eyes on this monster creation. In celebration of Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s 15th anniversary, the hotel’s recently refurbished steakhouse The Oak Door is offering a giant burger for lunch through May. A sight to behold, this Instagram-worthy burger is about 30cm across and features a hefty 1.5kg beef patty, complete with a cheesy Welsh rarebit sauce that mixes dark beer, mustard, butter and smoked cheddar cheese.

Six staffers from Time Out Tokyo went for a taste test. And we were prepared – some of us even skipped breakfast to help make space for the enormous feast to come. The entire burger weighed 4kg; even after we divided it into six equal portions, the size and thickness of each slice still looked overwhelming.

It was fun at first; we each tried to eat with care (and finesse) as not to create a mess. The flavours were well-balanced, the cheesy sauce was particularly moreish, while the heat from the jalapeno acted as a relief to all that richness. But halfway through, as our tummies were slowly feeling full, we questioned if we could even finish our own portion.

But we did it, though it took us almost 90 minutes to finish the enormous 15th anniversary burger, which we reckon could even feed up to eight people. It was certainly an enjoyable group-dining experience. Nevertheless, we ended up walking back to the office to help with the digestion.

Keen on ordering the giant burger? Make sure to place your order three days in advance. For more information, click here.

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