Japanese train apologises for leaving 25 seconds earlier than scheduled

Written by
Time Out Tokyo Editors

Japan is quite possibly the only country in the world which issues official apology for their trains leaving EARLIER than scheduled, not later. The country is often idolised for its sense of punctuality; its extensive train networks, which almost always run on time, are hailed as a benchmark for efficiency.

However, according to Japan Today, on Friday May 11, a JR West train pulled out of Notogawa Station in Shiga Prefecture mistakenly at 7.11.35am instead of 7.12am, 25 second ahead of schedule. A few commuters missed the train and the company issued an official apology earlier this week. This Biwako Line train was an express service heading towards its destination at Nishi Akashi.  

A similar incident happened last year in Tokyo, when the Tsukuba Express departed Minami-Nagareyama Station 20 seconds earlier. The train company also issued an official apology.

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