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Lawson convenience stores now offer iced tomato latte

Lawson tomato latte

We're no stranger to Tokyo's diverse assortment of creative (and sometimes unusual) milky beverages, be it a regular espresso-based latte, tea with foamy cheese topping or a hojicha latte. But a tomato latte? We did a double take when we spotted this at a Lawson konbini near our office, and frankly, it does sound like an acquired taste. So if you're a big fan of tomatoes, you can now get this unusual, limited-time tomato-milk concoction at selected Lawson convenience stores in town. The drink is only available iced – we think a hot tomato latte would just basically be tomato soup – this drink is made of milk, tomato juice and a bit of carrot for added sweetness.

While we admit the drink is quite refreshing, it also comes off as a cross between a tomato gazpacho and a bloody mary, with milk instead of vodka. We're not sure we'd trade our daily cuppa for this vitamin C-rich beverage, but at only ¥210 (including tax), it doesn't hurt to give it a try at least once for novelty sake.

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