Osaka has a cat hostel where you can observe the felines from your room

Forget cat café – Osaka has a cat hostel for humans

Kasey Furutani
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Kasey Furutani

Some hotels have hot springs, others have books, but this hotel in Osaka has cats. That’s right, Neco Republic is a hotel where guests can watch 16 resident rescue cats chilling in the adjacent cat café Neko Yokujo through an observation window in each hotel room. 

So... or are the cats watching you instead?

Opened in mid-December 2019, Neco Republic welcomes animal-loving humans in search of four-legged furry comfort. The hotel has a ryokan aesthetic, with traditional wooden fixtures, tatami mats and a rainbow Mt Fuji mural presiding over the cat café. More of a hostel rather than a hotel, the rooms consist of individual bunks for one or two people with a separate shared bath facility. 

Each room has an observation window looking into the cat's play area. These 'portals' are strategically placed so you can only see the cats, not make awkward eye contact with other guests. You are welcome to quietly observe or play with the cats with radio-controlled toys. 

The accommodation price, ¥22,728 for up to 8 people, also includes a two-hour session in the cat café. If you happen to fall in love with a particular kitty, good news, all of the cats are available for adoption. 

Can't stay overnight? Neco Republic also offers packages for playing with the kitties – ¥1,500 an hour on weekdays and ¥1,800 an hour on weekends. Head over on a weekday for the special discount, ¥3,800 for a whole day's worth of cats and unlimited drinks.  

For more information about Neco Republic including reservation details, click here.

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