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Takashi Murakami has a Kaikai and Kiki vending machine in Nakano Broadway

Takashi Murakami vending machine in Nakano Broadway
Photo: Lim Chee Wah

Takashi Murakami is one of Japan’s most internationally renowned contemporary artists. By now his legion of fans would have either visited his café Bar Zingaro in Nakano Broadway, or have it high on their Tokyo to-do list. This quirky space features Murakami’s artworks and serves up adorable, highly Instagrammable lattes topped with his signature motif, the smiling flower.

And now, within the same mall which houses the café, you’ll also find a Murakami vending machine AND a souvenir store. Located on the fourth floor, the former is adorned with a fun, psychedelic print of smiling flowers, and sells a pair of Kaikai and Kiki mini plush toys for ¥4,400.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, go around the corner into his new store Tonari no Zingaro, which offers a variety of souvenirs, merchandise (like a smiling flower skateboard!) and art from his Kaikai Kiki Gallery.

When you done, it’s worth exploring the rest of Nakano Broadway. This mall is known to be an otaku (geek) hangout, and it’s a treasure trove of shops peddling Japanese manga and anime culture.

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