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Take a peek inside the rooms at the new Muji Hotel in Ginza

Muji Hotel Ginza

If you haven't heard, the new Muji global flagship store and its first Japanese hotel has finally opened in Ginza on April 4. Avid fans can now eat, sleep and shop Muji at this one-stop location in the heart of Tokyo.

This is the first Muji Hotel to hit Japanese turf, offering 79 stylish rooms all decked out in wall-to-wall Muji furniture, home accessories, lifestyle goods and merchandise, including their popular mattresses. Staying true to Muji's sleek aesthetic, the rooms exude a Zen-like minimalism, with earthy tones and lots of natural wood accents. Some of the accommodation even feature Japanese touches like classic tatami flooring and modern wooden bathtubs. The hotel is pretty inclusive too, as it offers specific rooms that are suitable for wheelchair users, giving them enough space to manoeuvre around in comfort. Each guest room also comes equipped with a tablet where you can control the lights, air conditioning and the curtains.

Whether you're a solo traveller or a family with kids looking for a convenient place to stay, the Muji Hotel has nine room options to choose from. If you're keen on planning an upcoming stay, take a closer look below... 

Muji Hotel room


Type A guest room


Type A, B and C rooms are ideal for either solo travellers or couples; they hold a max capacity of two people. Rooms start from ¥14,900 a night, though a surcharge of ¥5,000 a night will be added for the second person. 


Type F guest room


Type E and F rooms feature classic tatami-style flooring, where beds are placed directly on the floor minus a frame. A cosy seating area and desk with chairs complete this homely room. These tatami rooms can fit up to three people and start at ¥36,900 a night, with a surcharge of ¥5,000 a night for the third person.

Muji Hotel room


Type G guest room


One of our favourite rooms is the bunk-bed room (Type G). Cushy bunkbeds are built along a wall full of books, which you can read at your leisure. This room holds up to three guests and starts at ¥29,900 per night, with a nightly surcharge of ¥5,000 for the third person. 

Muji Hotel room


Type I guest room


The largest rooms at the Muji Hotel are Type I; they feature a generous 52sqm in space. This room can hold up to four people, has a spacious lounge area fitted with couches, a beanbag, and there's also a small library. Rooms start at ¥55,900 a night, with an additional charge of ¥10,000 per night for four people, or ¥5,000 a night for the third guest.


Wa Japanese Restaurant


The new Muji complex also features two restaurants: a diner on the basement level and Wa, a Japanese restaurant that's within the hotel. Staying guests can opt for packages which include breakfast at Wa, but non-staying guests are welcome to the restaurant at any other time of day. Wa focuses on Japanese comfort food and rotates its menu on a monthly basis, selecting a certain prefecture of Japan to highlight. In the evening, anyone can utilise the Atelier Muji located next to the hotel lobby; it features a spacious bar offering up cocktails, coffee and small bites.

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