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The new Yayoi Kusama piano at Shinjuku’s observation deck is free for anyone to play

Omoide Piano
Photo: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Omoide Piano, collaborated by Yayoi Kusama

After a major renovation, the free (and very popular) South Observation Deck at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building has reopened with an added new attraction: a grand piano featuring Yayoi Kusama’s iconic polka dots. The best part is, anyone can play the piano for free.

Donated by a Tokyoite last summer, the instrument received a sensational makeover by none other than Japan’s most prolific avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama. Named the ‘Omoide Piano’, the body and chair have been painted in yellow and adorned with Kusama’s signature motif.

You may have to line up for your turn to play at the piano, and you’re limited to just five minutes of playtime. However, we think hitting the keys of this iconic piece of art at a height of 202 metres while looking out to a dazzling view of the Tokyo skyline is definitely worth the wait.

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