Olympic Village bed
Photo: ©Tokyo 2020The cardboard beds at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village

The Olympic Village cardboard beds are reused at a pop-up Covid-19 facility in Osaka

Airweave is donating 800 cardboard beds from the Tokyo 2020 athletes’ village to accommodate mild-symptom patients

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Youka Nagase

If you’ve kept up with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, you’re probably familiar with the infamous cardboard beds at the Olympic Village. The frames are made out of cardboard for sustainability, but became famous when rumours spread they were made to be flimsy to discourage any sex between other athletes. Olympians took to social media to test the beds out, proving that they are, in fact, sturdy enough to handle jumping, dancing, yoga and more.

Olympic village cardboard bed
Photo: ©Tokyo 2020

Now that the Games are over, 800 beds from the village, including mattresses and pillows, are being sent to Osaka to be reused by coronavirus patients.

The manufacturer of the cardboard beds, Airweave Inc. suggested to donate the beds to a temporary medical facility at the Intex Osaka convention centre that’s scheduled to open at the end of the month. The Yomiuri Shimbun reports that the 800 beds will be used for coronavirus patients with mild to no symptoms, while the facility will have a further 200 beds with medical functions for patients with more severe symptoms. 

There's no doubting now that these cardboard beds are hardy and truly sustainable.  

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