An artist's impression of a train interior, with green lounge seats facing large picture windows, and purple carpet
Photo: Kintetsu Railway CoAn artist's impression of the train interior

This new luxury sightseeing train will run between Osaka, Nara and Kyoto

Launching in April 2022, the Kintetsu Aoniyoshi express will have lounge seats, picture windows, plus a restaurant and bar

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Kit Kriewaldt

Want to travel in style? Railway company Kintetsu – the largest train network in Japan after JR – has announced a new luxury sightseeing train connecting Osaka, Nara and Kyoto that’s set to start running on April 29 2022.

An artist's impression of a dark purple luxury train exterior on tracks, with a white background
Photo: Kintetsu Railway CoAn artist's impression of the train

Named the Aoniyoshi, the new train is made up of four 12200 series carriages (originally built in the 1960s and 70s) that have been completely remodelled with window-facing lounge seats to help you make the most of the view. Photos of the new train haven’t been released yet, but the artist’s impressions of the sumptuous interior have definitely caught our attention.

An artist's impression of a luxury train's onboard bar and restaurant, with green carpet and a light wooden bar
Photo: Kintetsu Railway CoAn artist's impression of the train bar and restaurant

The second carriage will have a bar and restaurant serving light meals and drinks.

An artist's impression of a train restaurant's seating area, with plush red chairs, large windows and glass partitions between the tables
Photo: Kintetsu Railway CoAn artist's impression of the train restaurant's 'salon seats'

You’ll also find what the company calls ‘salon seats’ for groups of up to four people to eat and chat in the restaurant car.

The Aoniyoshi train will have 84 seats (all of which require prior reservation) and run as a limited express from Osaka Namba Station to Kyoto via Kintetsu Nara Station. Tickets for a full trip between Osaka Namba and Kyoto stations will cost ¥1,960 per person (including seat fare, limited express fee and special vehicle fare), or just half that for kids, which is pretty reasonable for a deluxe trip through three of Japan’s most popular cities.

You’ll want to make the most of your journey, though – the entire trip from Osaka to Kyoto will take just 80 minutes. The train will run six days a week and stop at the following stations:

  • Osaka Namba
  • Osaka Uehonmachi
  • Tsuruhashi
  • Ikoma
  • Gakuenmae
  • Kintetsu Nara
  • Yamato Saidaiji
  • Kintetsu Tambabashi
  • Kyoto

You can book your tickets online here.

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This article was published on October 12 2021 and updated on April 19 2022.

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