This new restaurant in Osaka sells burgers with eggs instead of buns

The dedicated ‘eggwich’ shop is opening on November 24

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

If you love a good burger but feel guilty about consuming all those carbs, this new food trend that’s made its way to Japan might be just what you need. Meet the ‘eggwich’, short for egg sandwich, a burger with its two buns swapped out for fried eggs instead.

Don’t Worry Egg’Wich is bringing this bizarre fast food phenomenon to Osaka. Opening on November 24, the store says its eggy creations are protein-packed and lower in carbs than your average burger. Although eggwiches are already available in supermarkets in North America, Don’t Worry Egg’Wich will be the world’s very first dedicated eggwich shop. 

Aside from the bun-less burgers, the menu at Don’t Worry Egg’Wich is reminiscent of most fast food joints, boasting 100 percent beef patties, French fries and soda. The burgers are reasonably priced, too, starting at just ¥390 for the basic eggwich, ¥490 for the cheese eggwich and ¥690 for the two-patty extravagance of the Double Double. To make it a combo, you can add soda and fries to any eggwich for just ¥370.

Don’t Worry Egg’Wich
Photo: Web Shark Co., Ltd.

The restaurant doesn’t have an official website at the moment, but once it opens, you’ll be able to visit at 1-13-15 Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka. Don’t Worry Egg’Wich will be open from 8am to 10pm daily. 

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