Try Kit Kat and sake pairing at the Craft Sake Week in Roppongi Hills
Written by
Kaila Imada

Pairing Kit Kat with sake? Yes, really. This weekend happens to host many boozy events across the capital, including the massive Craft Sake Week at Roppongi Hills (ends April 29). Along with 110 participating breweries showcasing their sake plus a selection of gourmet food trucks, the event will also feature an inventive pop-up by Kit Kat. This unique Gotouchi no Kit Kat Pairing Bar (12noon-9pm) is where you can try pairing different sake varieties with the chocolate brand's regional flavours.

What's even more fascinating about this limited-time bar is that the entire process will be conducted by AI robots, which will recommend the best Kit Kat flavour and sake pairing according to your preference. You can expect to taste some regional, Japan-exclusive Kit Kat, and the options range from Tochigi Strawberry and Hiroshima Momiji Manju to Shizuoka Wasabi and Okinawan Sweet Potato. It's not the most conventional way to enjoy a Kit Kat, but who knows, these sake pairings might just surprise you.

To try out the tasting bar, you'll have to purchase the Craft Sake Starter Set (¥3,500) at Craft Sake Week, which gives you a sake glass plus 11 food and drink coins to redeem for food and sake at the festival. This Kit Kat and sake pairing experience will cost you two of the aforementioned coins. 

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