Mayo and tamagoyaki ice cream

Try now: mayonnaise and tamagoyaki ice cream bars


While it may not be peak ice cream season anymore, adventurous foodies can still get their hands on two new ice cream bars that feature some of the wackiest flavours we've seen yet. Our latest discovery includes the new Creamy Mayonnaise ice cream bar and a tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette) flavoured ice pop. You can easily get them at most konbini for about ¥151 each, including tax. We picked up the Garigari-kun tamagoyaki popsicle at 7-Eleven while the Morinaga mayo-flavoured one is from Lawson. 

First, we try out the tamagoyaki-flavoured Garigari-kun. This bestselling ice-pop brand is known to release some of the most unusual ice cream flavours around – think corn potage, cheese and even spaghetti Neapolitan. This time around, the bar features a so-called 'tamagoyaki-flavoured' outer coating while hiding bits of omelette inside. Flavour wise, the popsicle reminds us vaguely of custard and pudding, both eggy creations that sound a lot more appealing than tamagoyaki when it comes to icy desserts. Nevertheless, it's pretty decent. 

Our curiosity gets the better of us with the Creamy Mayonnaise ice cream bar, the mayo version of the classic chocolate bar Cheerio by Morinaga. It's labelled as a 'Calorie Monster' on the packaging and we can see why – this bar of ice cream contains a whopping 307 calories.

The bar features a white chocolate centre surrounded by 'frozen mayonnaise', and coated in a crunchy white-chocolate exterior laced with cookie bits. As you can imagine, the ice cream is extremely rich, and slightly too sweet for our taste. The mayonnaise flavour, while still noticeable, isn't as strong as we expected – it's tempered by the white chocolate. It's definitely an acquired taste: you'll either love it or hate it. Not sure if we'd finish an entire bar on our own.

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