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Try some of Tokyo's best shaved ice at the Kakigori Collection pop-up at Roppongi Hills' summer festival

Kakigori Collection Roppongi Hills Summer Matsuri

In this sweltering summer heat, there's nothing better to cool you down than a heaping pile of kakigori shaved ice, and Tokyo sure has perfected this icy dessert down to a tee. Some of the city's most popular specialists can attract daunting queues during the hottest days of the year, but thankfully there's no need to go racing around the city to try them out. 


Another frozen number: The 'shirokuma' kakigori from Taiyaki Namihei


In light of the kakigori hype, you can now relish in some of the city's best at the Kakigori Collection pop-up at Roppongi Hills as part of the mall's summer matsuri (festival). From now until August 26, you can try a variety of kakigori creations from various shops including Haimuru Coffee, Taiyaki Namihei, Kajitsu and many more.


A closer look at the kakigori stalls


The pop-up can be found in front of the TV Asahi building, and there's a very large photo menu on the wall to help you make your selection. All you have to do is pay at a ticketing vending machine and then redeem the coupon at the designated kakigori stall.


A quick peek at the most recent menu


Also, check the festival website here (only in Japanese) for updates on the availability of each shop as well as their menus. Other than that, best get there early to beat the queues. 

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